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Free service to virtually connect

Teleparty is a free web browser extension application that lets you watch media at the same time as up to 50 people that are in different locations than you are. You can send and receive party URL links to use Teleparty. Running on Windows 11 too,  Netflix Party is the former version of Teleparty before the app was rebranded.

Kast, Scener, and StreamParty are alternative applications to Teleparty that you can use to watch content with your friends from a distance. Scener and StreamParty have similar structures to Teleparty, because the apps sync directly to streaming platforms like Netflix, Disney Plus, and more. Kast syncs with cloud storage instead of a streaming service.

What does Teleparty work with?

The Teleparty extension works with Chromium browsers like Brave, Google Chrome, and Microsoft Edge. You and the rest of the invitees essentially only need three main content tools, which are the Chrome browser, Teleparty browser extension, and a streaming app account profile to log into. Teleparty links to the accounts with Disney, HBO, Hulu, and Netflix to let you have watch parties.

Does Teleparty need a Netflix account?

Teleparty is a standalone extension that does not require a Netflix login to use since you can use Disney, HBO, or Hulu instead. If you and your group want to specifically watch content on Netflix, then you and the guests will invariably need a Netflix account to watch. The same principle goes for Disney, HBO, and Hulu sessions.

How do I download Teleparty?

The Teleparty download is an extension that will appear at the top of your Chrome web browser in the address bar. The first step after the initial installation is to pin the convenient and discreet ‘TP’ Chrome extension icon to your bar. You can pin Teleparty by tapping on the puzzle piece to select the pin button beside the Teleparty option in the list.

How do I make Teleparty?

Teleparty synchronizes playback between all the viewers for a seamless experience. Gone are the days when you would countdown over the phone to make sure you press play at the same time as your movie partner. The chat feature lets you indiscreetly connect with the viewers about what is up in the show or your immediate reality. The chat area appears in a panel that can be added or removed whenever you like. 

You can choose the exact documentary, movie, or TV episode to begin the setup. Since Teleparty does not let you move around the media much once you start a party, you will want to make sure that the time mark is in the ideal spot before you start.

In case you are the party host, you can click on the Teleparty icon in your web browser. A simple window will appear to let you ‘Start the party’. You can choose whether only you can control the meet-up by selecting ‘Only I have control’ or not.

Another small window will show up to let you copy the URL to send to recipients. You can preset that the chat feature is disabled by un-marking the ‘Show chat’ option. The instructions let you know that your guests will need to tap the ‘TP’ icon in the bar after the link is launched.

Since each link is dedicated to a specific movie or episode, you cannot skip around the series that you are watching. You will need to create a new URL link to share in case Teleparty gets disconnected from you or someone else trying to skip around. The chatbox lets you know what action each member takes.

Is Teleparty available on mobile?

Teleparty is only available to install on Mac and Microsoft Windows PC computers and laptops. The application cannot be used on gaming consoles, mobile phones, smart TVs, nor tablets.

Intimate viewing experience

Teleparty is ideal for the long-distance friendship or relationship. Since Teleparty lets up to 50 people join a party, you can get together with familiar and new people. A personal account lets you create a nickname and choose a profile picture to tell each guest apart from one another.

What’s new?

Since Teleparty is free, the team works based on donations and the platform is constantly updated. In case you run into issues, you can uninstall and reinstall Teleparty or email the team for help.


  • Chat feature
  • Custom profile
  • Synced playback
  • Convenient and discreet extension


  • Cannot skip around
  • Not available on portable devices or TV

Program available in other languages

Teleparty for PC

  • Free
  • In English
  • V 3.1.1
  • 3.7

  • (170)
  • Security Status

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