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Remote movie nights with friends

Netflix night has gotten even more chill with Netflix Party. This special add-on to the popular streaming service lets you and your friends watch a movie together, no matter how much physical distance is between you. The extension app synchronizes the Netflix video playback of the movie you watch, allowing your friends to watch them, too. To complete the movie night experience, the app provides a sidebar for group chats so you and your friends can do a real-time commentary

Getting the party started

The Netflix Party is a free-to-use app but on two conditions: one, the users and their friends must have an existing Netflix account. Two, all members must download and install the extension in their browsers. Note also that the extension app is only available to the Google Chrome browser. Once installed, you need to open the Netflix website, select the show you and your friends would like to watch, and play the video.

To create your party, click on the NP icon next to the address bar. You also need to click the Start Party button to get the URL, which you will need to send to your friends. If you are joining a Netflix Party, you need to click the URL and click the NP icon. Doing so will automatically give you access to the movie. It will also let you participate in the conversation using the sidebar chat feature.

However, this chat feature is strictly text-based only. There is no option for audio or video chatting, keeping the cinematic experience quiet. Just like the Netflix app, Netflix Party offers high-definition and fast buffering of the video playback. Moreover, it always stays precisely in sync, so you can still get the movie night experience, albeit separately. 

A few options to choose from

With Netflix Party, movie nights don't have to be a hassle. You don't have to haul yourself to your friend's house so you can enjoy a movie together. Plus, with the large content library, you will have enough options even if you frequently have a watch party. However, if you are using the app, you can only watch videos that are available to Netflix. You also need Google Chrome. If you want to use other streaming platforms for your remote movie night, then you might want to try MetaStream.

Unlike Netflix Party, this app is not limited to Netflix content. You can also watch videos from Youtube, Hulu, and even Crunchyroll. You can even stream music from SoundCloud and games from Twitch. On top of that, the app allows you to queue up media, so you don't have to set your viewing party every time a movie ended. MetaStream is available on both Chrome and Firefox. However, before you can use the extension, you'll have to adjust some browser extension settings. 

TwoSeven is also another option. Like MetaStream, it supports other streaming platforms like Amazon, Disney Plus, and HBO. However, they're also only available to Chrome. TwoSeven allows you to sync-stream without a direct link and watch movies right in the browser. Plus, you can upload files of movies that you would like to watch. Both apps have a built-in chat feature just like Netflix Party. However, only TwoSeven supports video and audio. All three apps require subscriptions to the mentioned streaming platform to be able to watch the content. 

A new kind of chill

With Netflix Party, users will have a new way to conduct their regular movie night. By using this sync-streaming app, your friends and family can watch a movie together without leaving the comforts of their home. However, while it provides convenience, its limitation to Chrome may be a deal-breaker for people who do not use the browser.


  • Easy-to-use sync-streaming app
  • Comes with chat feature
  • Stray precisely in-sync
  • HD video quality and fast buffering


  • No audio and video chat
  • Limited to Chrome browser

Teleparty for PC

  • Free
  • In English
  • V 1.3.4
  • 3.8
  • (165)
  • Security Status

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